Make terminate_threads() less likely to leave _threads containing invalid pointers.
[dcpomatic.git] / src / lib /
2019-12-10 Carl HetheringtonMake terminate_threads() less likely to leave _threads...
2018-11-21 Carl HetheringtonTidy and fix logging.
2018-11-07 Carl HetheringtonAdd button to force re-encode of J2K content.
2018-04-13 Carl HetheringtonTidy up to use one list of servers.
2018-04-12 Carl HetheringtonNote and indicate servers with bad link version (#982).
2018-02-16 Carl HetheringtonName threads on Linux.
2017-05-31 Carl HetheringtonAllow repeat-frame to work with 3D.
2017-05-10 Carl HetheringtonRename some classes.