Fix erroneous addition to test/wscript.
[dcpomatic.git] / test / wscript
2017-10-10 Carl HetheringtonFix erroneous addition to test/wscript.
2017-10-10 Carl HetheringtonFix disappearing frames while seeking in some cases.
2017-09-01 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-09-01 Carl HetheringtonFix corruption of an existing DCP when a new one is...
2017-08-29 Carl HetheringtonNew test.
2017-07-24 Carl HetheringtonMerge mxe branch.
2017-07-24 Carl HetheringtonRemoving explicit link with libbfd and libiberty.
2017-07-12 Carl HetheringtonDon't emit black to fill up to a frame that we're not...
2017-07-12 Carl HetheringtonAdd test for AudioRingBuffers.
2017-06-29 Carl HetheringtonFixes for silence in projects, various cleanups.
2017-06-07 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect reel numbers in subtitle XML/MXF.
2017-05-31 Carl HetheringtonAllow repeat-frame to work with 3D.
2017-05-29 Carl HetheringtonAdd for tests of particular pieces...
2017-05-10 Carl HetheringtonRename some classes.
2017-05-09 Carl HetheringtonBasic video transcoding working.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonFirst bits of torture test.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRestore upmixer_a_test and fix resampler flushing.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRemove video_decoder_fill_test as it was specialised...
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRestore ffmpeg_decoder_sequential_test.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRestore ffmpeg_decoder_seek_test.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRestore dcp_subtitle_test.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRemove another old test.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRemove seek zero test as I think it's fairly specific...
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRestore player_test and move black_fill_test into it.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonReinstate ffmpeg_audio_only_test.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonResampler test doesn't check anything.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRe-add audio merger test.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonRemove unnecessary VideoFrame class.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonBasic grunt-work, untested and unfinished, but it compiles.
2017-02-12 Carl HetheringtonAdd test for KDMs with encrypted VF+OV content.
2017-01-29 Carl HetheringtonMissing uselib.
2016-11-08 Carl HetheringtonBasic test that we (roughly) hit average J2K bandwidth...
2016-10-23 Carl HetheringtonMove some tests around.
2016-09-23 Carl HetheringtonFix build of Windows debug version.
2016-07-31 Carl HetheringtonAllow configuration of MXF/XML filenames (part of ...
2016-07-27 Carl HetheringtonAdd test of reel digests.
2016-06-27 Carl HetheringtonFix pango markup when rendering subtitles.
2016-06-14 Carl HetheringtonFix some confusion with filling and VideoFrame.
2016-06-14 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-06-13 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix build.
2016-06-13 Carl HetheringtonAdd button to move things to the start of reels (#798).
2016-06-07 Carl HetheringtonAdd new test.
2016-05-25 Carl HetheringtonNo-op; fix GPL address and use the explicit-program...
2016-05-25 Carl HetheringtonAdd VideoMXFContent (part of #803).
2016-05-18 Carl HetheringtonRemove Sndfile code and use FFmpeg instead.
2016-05-18 Carl HetheringtonPartial work on using a no-video FFmpeg file.
2016-02-25 Carl HetheringtonPlot video and subtitle on one track and audio on the...
2016-02-21 Carl HetheringtonRearrange test.
2016-01-23 Carl HetheringtonFix estimate of required disk space to take referencing
2015-12-04 Carl HetheringtonDon't need to explicitly link to OpenJPEG.
2015-10-13 Carl HetheringtonSome attempts to block referencing of DCPs when it...
2015-10-12 Carl HetheringtonImplement Film::reels().
2015-09-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-09-25 Carl HetheringtonMore build fixes.
2015-09-22 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-09-22 Carl HetheringtonUse uchardet to guess encoding of subtitle files and...
2015-09-18 Carl HetheringtonAdd UpmixerB.
2015-09-11 Carl HetheringtonFix assertion failure when processors return fewer...
2015-09-05 Carl HetheringtonFix build.
2015-08-23 Carl HetheringtonMore build fixes.
2015-07-17 Carl HetheringtonRemove uploader test as it's more trouble than it's...
2015-07-17 Carl HetheringtonMake a generic base for uploaders and move the SCP...
2015-07-14 Carl HetheringtonTry rounding down when calculating frames from Times.
2015-07-02 Carl HetheringtonMore regex fixes.
2015-05-27 Carl HetheringtonUntested use of Frame for video/audio content lengths.
2015-05-20 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of into 2.0
2015-05-10 Carl HetheringtonMore build fixes.
2015-05-10 Carl HetheringtonMore build fixing.
2015-05-10 Carl HetheringtonPossibly inaccurate port of master; build system cleanups.
2015-04-30 Carl HetheringtonVarious bits related to subtitle font handling, particu...
2015-02-17 Carl HetheringtonHand-apply 71a4c0f5440688a38a2bb34170a3ccf9b1ea598f...
2015-02-07 Carl HetheringtonForward-port 41b77bee9c9cef485d95e82f16f6365ed1cf2a13...
2015-01-24 Carl HetheringtonMissing dependency.
2015-01-24 Carl HetheringtonHand-apply d4470377df181b4d15fbac86c454a8372b1a0f3d...
2015-01-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of ssh://
2015-01-12 Carl HetheringtonAnother missing dep.
2015-01-12 Carl HetheringtonMissing dep.
2015-01-12 Carl HetheringtonMore build fixes.
2015-01-12 Carl HetheringtonFix build.
2015-01-11 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of ssh://
2015-01-11 Carl HetheringtonUpdate waf.
2014-12-09 Carl HetheringtonDisable tests which depend on variable font rendering.
2014-11-11 Carl HetheringtonHand-apply 80562fe5dce5fd625da583ca6f7c2833f9db8754...
2014-11-06 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of ssh://
2014-11-06 Carl HetheringtonBasic support for emailing a report of a problem (...
2014-10-25 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-22 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-17 Carl HetheringtonAnother static fix.
2014-10-15 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-08 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-02 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-30 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-29 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-22 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-12 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-11 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0