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[dcpomatic.git] / test /
2019-12-19 Carl HetheringtonRemove our forcing of analyzeduration and probesize... v2.14.20
2019-12-16 Carl HetheringtonFlush audio decoder when a DCPDecoder finishes so that v2.14.18
2019-12-16 Carl HetheringtonRestore old v2.14.x version of test reference.
2019-12-15 Carl HetheringtonStop empty Font IDs in imported DCP subtitles making...
2019-12-15 Carl HetheringtonUpdate test/data and make a branch for v2.14.x there.
2019-11-30 Carl HetheringtonFix crash when exporting a 2D project containing 3D...
2019-11-16 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect images when cropping without stretch.
2019-11-12 Carl HetheringtonCopy test fix from v2.15.x.
2019-11-11 Carl HetheringtonMake separate reels for parts of the timeline with...
2019-11-11 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect reels when the first content is not at...
2019-11-11 Carl HetheringtonIncrease fudge factor at the boundary between audio...
2019-11-05 Carl HetheringtonFix build.
2019-11-05 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-11-04 Carl HetheringtonFix out-of-bounds read when cropping JPEG2000 images...
2019-10-21 Carl HetheringtonCopy with progress updates when we might copy long...
2019-10-18 Carl HetheringtonISDCF name fixes with > 6 channels and HI/VI (#1633).
2019-10-15 Carl HetheringtonFix assertion failure on making a VF, in certain circum... v2.14.11
2019-10-15 Carl HetheringtonFix deadlock in tests.
2019-10-15 Carl HetheringtonFix cross-thread access to info files. May help with...
2019-10-14 Carl HetheringtonRemove possibly-dubious reuse of a single content object.
2019-10-14 Carl HetheringtonEnable some logging in a test.
2019-10-08 Carl HetheringtonFix up namespace for master.
2019-10-08 Carl HetheringtonImprove OpenFileError so that it doesn't say "opening...
2019-06-29 Carl HetheringtonBuild fix. v2.14.8
2019-06-28 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect timing of PNG subtitles in second and...
2019-05-22 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix unit tests.
2019-05-21 Carl HetheringtonGive an error if 2D content is set to 3D (#1565). ...
2019-05-20 Carl HetheringtonAdd test for #1565.
2019-04-30 Carl HetheringtonAdd --j2k-bandwidth to dcpomatic_create. v2.13.158
2019-04-30 Carl HetheringtonAdd --fourk to dcpomatic_create.
2019-04-25 Carl HetheringtonFix or remove several broken pixel formats in Image...
2019-04-17 Carl HetheringtonAdd test for bug #1528.
2019-04-05 Carl HetheringtonTest updates.
2019-04-02 Carl HetheringtonExtract subtitle language from text content rather...
2019-04-01 Carl Hetheringtontest updates.
2019-03-22 Carl HetheringtonFix referencing of trimmed multi-reel DCPs (#1495).
2019-03-22 Carl HetheringtonAdd test to trigger #1495.
2019-03-22 Carl HetheringtonMake careful_string_filter a little better and use... v2.13.133
2019-03-12 Carl HetheringtonFix R/B swap with as_png(); support as_png() for any... v2.13.129
2019-02-14 Carl HetheringtonID churn in recover_test (not sure why).
2019-02-14 Carl HetheringtonFix typo in previous.
2019-02-14 Carl HetheringtonTry to ensure that recover tests happen in order, to...
2019-02-13 Carl HetheringtonMore test tweaks.
2019-02-13 Carl HetheringtonNudge threshold to cope with move to Ubuntu 18.04 as...
2019-02-13 Carl HetheringtonFix test after Shuffler changes.
2019-02-13 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix occasional test failure.
2019-02-13 Carl HetheringtonFixes to 3D shuffler to fix #1463.
2019-02-11 Carl HetheringtonAdd a test.
2019-02-07 Carl HetheringtonAdd a test for the bug fixed by the previous commit. v2.13.114
2019-01-30 Carl HetheringtonTest debugging.
2019-01-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdates test/data.
2019-01-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-01-27 Carl HetheringtonFix test.
2019-01-27 Carl HetheringtonRemove specification of italic/bold fonts (#1451);... v2.13.110
2019-01-21 Carl HetheringtonAdd some debugging.
2019-01-21 Carl HetheringtonStop jobs silently failing in tests.
2019-01-21 Carl HetheringtonMake sure that ffmpeg_dcp_test always completes.
2019-01-18 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-01-17 Carl HetheringtonRead UTF8 string lengths correctly when checking closed...
2019-01-16 Carl HetheringtonRework command-line parser for dcpomatic_create to... v2.13.103
2019-01-15 Carl HetheringtonUpdated test/data.
2019-01-15 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-01-14 Carl HetheringtonHopefully fix debian 7 build.
2019-01-10 Carl HetheringtonFix a crash due the assertion in emit_audio failing...
2019-01-10 Carl HetheringtonTest data updates.
2019-01-09 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: store whole signer/decryption chains and priva...
2019-01-07 Carl HetheringtonAdd test for exporting a project referencing an OV.
2019-01-05 Carl HetheringtonFix strange behaviour with single-frame fades (#1440).
2018-12-27 Carl HetheringtonFix test after change to never make 96kHz DCPs.
2018-12-23 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: encrypt decryption private key with motherboar...
2018-12-23 Carl HetheringtonIncomplete encryption of private keys.
2018-12-22 Carl HetheringtonFix assumption of 48kHz DCP audio in AudioRingBuffers...
2018-11-24 Carl HetheringtonFix tests.
2018-11-23 Carl HetheringtonLogging in test.
2018-11-21 Carl HetheringtonTidy and fix logging.
2018-11-21 Carl HetheringtonPut Film pointer into Decoder.
2018-11-21 Carl HetheringtonTake Film pointer out of Content.
2018-11-09 Carl HetheringtonAllow specification of trusted devices by thumbprint... v2.13.68
2018-11-08 Carl Hetheringtontest/data update.
2018-11-06 Carl HetheringtonDo image crop/scale/window in the butler prepare threads.
2018-11-06 Carl HetheringtonSwitch PlayerVideo::always_rgb to a new ::force and...
2018-11-06 Carl HetheringtonRemove some unused parameters.
2018-11-06 Carl HetheringtonMake test more like the actual player.
2018-11-06 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-11-06 Carl HetheringtonAdd some code to help with profiling the player.
2018-10-13 Carl HetheringtonFix test build.
2018-10-12 Carl HetheringtonUse ImageMagick for test stuff.
2018-10-11 Carl HetheringtonChange MagickImageProxy to FFmpegImageProxy and make...
2018-09-11 Carl HetheringtonRemove unnecessary method.
2018-09-10 Carl HetheringtonBasics of export of multiple reels to multiple files.
2018-09-08 Carl HetheringtonSplit parts of FFmpegEncoder into FFmpegFileEncoder.
2018-09-07 Carl Hetheringtontest/data update.
2018-09-06 Carl HetheringtonTry to prevent encode server test crashing in valgrind.
2018-09-05 Carl HetheringtonFix some uninitialised variables in a test.
2018-09-03 Carl HetheringtonBuild Empty objects from the presence or absence of...
2018-09-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd basic quality option for x264 export.
2018-08-29 Carl HetheringtonWrite annotation text and language to CCAP nodes correctly.
2018-08-29 Carl HetheringtonBasics of splitting CCAP streams into different assets.
2018-08-28 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-08-23 Carl HetheringtonAdd very basic multi-ccap test.