2017-09-01 Carl HetheringtonFix corruption of an existing DCP when a new one is...
2017-08-31 Carl HetheringtonEscape a %.
2017-08-31 Carl HetheringtonRevert "Fix a bunch of unescaped %s."
2017-08-31 Carl HetheringtonFix a bunch of unescaped %s.
2017-08-31 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.carlh.net/home/carl...
2017-08-31 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix build wrt ImageMagick.
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonBump version
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonBump version v2.11.20
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonMore attempts to fix DPX log/lin problems; see comments...
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonAdd new script to partially dump DPX headers.
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonFix erroneous re-use of video files after turning off...
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonUpdated es_ES translation from Manuel AC.
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonSupporter.
2017-08-30 Carl HetheringtonAdd assert() to ensure a test is finished.
2017-08-29 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect reel lengths in some cases; account for...
2017-08-29 Carl HetheringtonRename test file.
2017-08-29 Carl HetheringtonNew test.
2017-08-26 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect ISDCF name in some cases (#1118).
2017-08-26 Carl HetheringtonAdd new_test_film2; disable auto audio analysis during...
2017-08-26 Carl HetheringtonStop player analysing audio even if it is configured...
2017-08-26 Carl HetheringtonAdd a comment.
2017-08-25 Carl HetheringtonStop the player looking for encode servers (#1119).
2017-08-25 Carl HetheringtonFix error reporting on loading a good DCP after a bad...
2017-08-25 Carl HetheringtonError formatting tweak.
2017-08-25 Carl HetheringtonComment typo.
2017-08-25 Carl HetheringtonSupporter.
2017-08-21 Carl HetheringtonDisplay subtitles in player.
2017-08-20 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.carlh.net/home/carl...
2017-08-20 Carl HetheringtonRemove some Centos 5 stuff; add some debug for Centos...
2017-08-20 Carl HetheringtonBump version
2017-08-20 Carl HetheringtonBump version v2.11.19
2017-08-20 Carl HetheringtonAdd KDM decryption keys prefs to player.
2017-08-19 Carl HetheringtonAllow player to handle VF/OV and KDMs.
2017-08-19 Carl HetheringtonCope nicely if the user has a configured default contai...
2017-08-19 Carl HetheringtonMissing part of previous commit.
2017-08-19 Carl HetheringtonFix crash when setting player decode resolution with...
2017-08-17 Carl HetheringtonBump version
2017-08-17 Carl HetheringtonBump version v2.11.18
2017-08-17 Carl HetheringtonFix unpackaged player files in RPMs.
2017-08-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.carlh.net/home/carl...
2017-08-16 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix Fedora build.
2017-08-16 Carl HetheringtonOS X icon updates.
2017-08-16 Carl HetheringtonFix erroneous overlaid controls in the player.
2017-08-16 Carl HetheringtonFix copy-paste errors.
2017-08-16 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2017-08-16 Carl HetheringtonUpdated fr_FR translation from Thierry Journet.
2017-08-15 Carl HetheringtonBump version
2017-08-15 Carl HetheringtonBump version v2.11.17
2017-08-15 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2017-08-15 Carl HetheringtonOS X build fix.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonMissing OS X include.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonGive player its own configuration dialogue.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonRename ConfigDialog -> FullConfigDialog.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonSave config changes in the player.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonPrimitive dropped frame count in display.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonDrop video frames if we running out of time.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonRemove believed-unnecessary player-changed handler...
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonMissing conditional wakeup.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonBasics of forced reduction of JPEG2000 decode resolution.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonI think Butler should just clear itself out when the...
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonAdd DCP size and length to player.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonPlayer build stuff.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonNew graphics for player.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonFix info layout a bit.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonInitial and not-working information panel in player.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonAnother Windows include.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonMissing #includes for Windows.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonAdd missing .rc file.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonTry to make dcpomatic2_player distributable.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonStub player.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonRemove Film dependency from Empty.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonRemove Film dependency from Butler.
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonFix previous to generate chains if we are starting...
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix errors when starting DoM on a machine with...
2017-08-10 Carl HetheringtonUpdated pl_PL translation from Mike Mazur.
2017-08-10 Carl HetheringtonAdd Mike Mazur as a translator.
2017-08-01 Carl HetheringtonUse a default DCP name if none is specified, rather...
2017-08-01 Carl HetheringtonMake up a DCP name rather than giving an error.
2017-08-01 Carl HetheringtonSupporter.
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonBump version
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonBump version v2.11.16
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonBump libsub for missing files.
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonMake srt_subtitle_test3 shorter.
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonSupport more detailed horizontal positioning coming...
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdated de_DE translation from Carsten Kurz.
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonFix required test.
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonDo repeat in the player rather than trying to do it...
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonFix failing test due to header differences.
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonBump version
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonBump version v2.11.15
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonFix heavy fingers in previous commit.
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonAdd a new test.
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonFix SNAFU with silence/black.
2017-07-27 Carl Hetheringtonlibsub version bump for a build fix.
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonSmall tidy-up to member variable.
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonAttempted Centos 7 fix.
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonMissing file.
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonAdd some documentation for config.xml.
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonAdd option to specify a list of servers (#1104).
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonRename -s,--servers to -l,--list-servers.