description2.0 development branch of dcpomatic
ownerCarl Hetherington
last changeTue, 28 May 2019 00:06:25 +0000 (00:06 +0000)
2019-05-28 Carl HetheringtonFix off-by-one channel when editing audio map levels... master v2.14.7
2019-05-27 Carl HetheringtonUse pofilter to check i18n and fix some .po file glitches. v2.14.6
2019-05-27 Carl HetheringtonFix several bits of bad i18n markup and add start of...
2019-05-27 Carl HetheringtonFix some malformed placeholders in the cs_CZ translation.
2019-05-25 Carl HetheringtonFix slightly unbelievable out-of-bounds array access... v2.14.5
2019-05-22 Carl HetheringtonMore destruction of the splash screen. v2.14.4
2019-05-22 Carl HetheringtonTry to make splash screen disappear sooner by Skip...
2019-05-22 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix unit tests.
2019-05-22 Carl HetheringtonAdd ko_KR files to RPM.
2019-05-21 Carl HetheringtonFix mis-merge. v2.14.3
2019-05-21 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp/libsub for fix to #1561 (problems when...
2019-05-21 Carl HetheringtonGive an error if 2D content is set to 3D (#1565). ...
2019-05-20 Carl HetheringtonAdd test for #1565.
2019-05-15 Carl HetheringtonFix scrolling of audio channel group labels.
2019-05-14 Carl HetheringtonAdd tooltip for input groups (#1557).
2019-05-14 Carl HetheringtonTruncate audio mapping view channel group names (part...
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