fix crash when copy'ing latent plugins
[ardour.git] / libs / ardour /
2016-08-10 Robin Gareusfix crash when copy'ing latent plugins 5.0
2016-08-01 Julien "_FrnchFrgg... Remove redundant condition
2016-07-26 Robin Gareusadd initial midi sidechain if plugin has one.
2016-07-14 Paul Davisenough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on...
2016-07-14 Robin Gareusfix plugin analysis for variable i/o plugins
2016-07-12 Robin Gareusadd a safe-guard
2016-07-10 Robin Gareusfix plugin bypass -- thinko in 54d8def6
2016-07-09 Robin Gareusmove latency-recompute into dedicated thread.
2016-07-09 Robin Gareuscommence testing
2016-07-09 Robin Gareusmove LatencyChanged detection from Plugin to Processor...
2016-07-05 Robin Gareusadd API to use a plugin provided bypass control port
2016-07-05 Robin Gareusamend d9de72215 - bypass replicated instances w/sidecha...
2016-07-04 Robin Gareusfix bypassing plugins with sidechain i/o
2016-06-25 Robin Gareusfix typo
2016-06-25 Robin Gareusmajor internal plugin & processor API change:
2016-06-16 Robin Gareusset latency of sidechain port
2016-06-05 Robin Gareusplugin support for Controllable::NotAutomatable
2016-05-31 Paul Davisremove explicit setting of Toggle flag for AutomationCo...
2016-05-31 Paul Davisuniversal change in the design of the way Route/Track...
2016-05-24 Robin Gareusadditional in-place check
2016-05-21 Robin GareusRevert "debug unconfiged plugins"
2016-05-20 Robin Gareuslive signal analysis is for the processor -- not the...
2016-05-20 Robin Gareusdebug unconfiged plugins
2016-05-19 Robin Gareusadd midi-bypass to re-configurable-i/o instruments
2016-05-19 Robin Gareusprepare plugin configuration and replacing instruments
2016-05-18 Robin Gareusmove "needs output port selector" (from pin-dialog...
2016-05-18 Robin Gareusbypass plugin(s) - not processor (plugin-insert keeps...
2016-05-05 Paul DavisOMNIBUS COMMIT: prefer const XMLNode::property method...
2016-05-03 Robin Gareustweak cases where pin-mapping is reset & always sanitiz...
2016-05-01 Robin Gareusfix a Wsigncompare and 2 -Wuninitialized
2016-04-29 Robin Gareusdon't special case lua processors, use plugin-manager
2016-04-27 Robin Gareusallow to customize variable i/o plugin inputs
2016-04-22 Robin GareusSingle instance AUs only, use variable i/o
2016-04-22 Robin Gareusadd API to load plugin presets for all instances
2016-04-20 Robin Gareusfix AU sidechain connection
2016-04-20 Robin Gareusinclude sidechain when delegating I/O configuration
2016-04-20 Robin Gareusamend 386f244f - don't reinitialize I/O map
2016-04-20 Robin GareusReset I/O map when copying plugin and ChanCount changes
2016-04-19 Robin Gareusclear [midi] plugin audio output buffers before running...
2016-04-19 Robin Gareussome plugin-insert debugging
2016-04-19 Robin GareusMixbus specific Pin Mapping tweaks
2016-04-19 Robin GareusNO-OP, whitespace and comments
2016-04-18 Robin Gareusfix plugin silence runs (e.g. during audition)
2016-04-18 Robin Gareusadd some assert for reloading saved plugin pin connections
2016-04-17 Robin Gareusset sidechain port pretty name
2016-04-17 Robin Gareuscopy plugin state to all instances when instantiating.
2016-04-16 Robin GareusRemove dangling plugin thru-connections
2016-04-15 Robin Gareusvariable plugin port config.
2016-04-15 Robin Gareusfind a good match for variable i/o plugins
2016-04-14 Robin Gareusdocument buffer requirement, add sidechain constraint.
2016-04-14 Robin Gareusfix split plugin default connection with strict-i/o
2016-04-14 Robin Gareusproperly calculate requrired thread buffers
2016-04-13 Robin Gareusfix configurable IO MIDI FX w/strict-i/o
2016-04-13 Robin Gareusfix crash introduced in 0d1cd3865d
2016-04-13 Robin Gareusprepare fix for copying plugin state
2016-04-13 Robin Gareusproperly auto-connect sidechain pins
2016-04-13 Robin Gareusfix OSX builds
2016-04-12 Robin GareusVST report audioMasterPinConnected according to Pin...
2016-04-12 Robin Gareususe dedicated counter for sidechain port numbering
2016-04-08 Robin GareusLatency compensation for plugin thru routing.
2016-04-08 Robin Gareusconsistent count/n_total API
2016-04-07 Robin Gareusmark session dirty when plugin pin mapping changes
2016-04-07 Robin Gareusadd support for plugin bypass/thru connections
2016-04-06 Robin Gareusamend 00ecc545 (split + inplace)
2016-04-06 Robin Gareusreturn of the in-place split-processing optimization
2016-04-06 Robin Gareusupdate processor in-place mode when pin-mapping changes
2016-04-04 Robin Gareusfix d3447dfd1 Mixbus special case.
2016-04-04 Robin Gareusspecial case MB channelstrip
2016-04-04 Robin Gareusthose who can't spell need to push thrice.
2016-04-04 Robin Gareusexpose more info from plugin-strip (for GUI display)
2016-04-03 Robin Gareusautomatically add & connect sidechain plugin pins.
2016-04-03 Robin Gareushandle sidechain input changes
2016-04-03 Robin Gareusimplement plugin sidechain
2016-04-02 Robin Gareusfix stict-i/o midi bypass
2016-04-02 Robin Gareusfix invalid mapping detection
2016-04-02 Robin Gareusproper debug output for channel mapping
2016-04-02 Robin Gareuskeep port maps sane and properly detect changes
2016-04-01 Robin Gareusre/store custom plugin pin maps
2016-04-01 Robin Gareusautodetect if current pin-connections can be processed...
2016-03-31 Robin Gareuscustom config trumps strict-i/o
2016-03-31 Robin Gareusfix typo
2016-03-31 Robin Gareusplugin-pin-map:
2016-03-30 Robin Gareusfix ChanCount min/max
2016-03-30 Robin Gareusdebug print match method
2016-03-30 Robin Gareusspecial case mixbus.
2016-03-30 Robin GareusDelegated plugin configuration is now always successful...
2016-03-29 Robin Gareusplugin-pin management.. nearly there
2016-03-27 Robin Gareusclosing in on pin management.
2016-03-26 Robin Gareusfurther pin management prototyping.
2016-03-26 Robin Gareusstep by step evolution of plugin pin management
2016-03-26 Robin Gareusstrict i/o: limit output channels.
2016-03-26 Robin Gareusprototype support for arbitrary plugin channel maps
2016-03-25 Robin Gareusadd a dedicated channel map per plugin
2016-03-25 Robin Gareusprepare strict-i/o configuration.
2016-03-25 Robin Gareusprepare Plugin Pin Management
2016-03-13 Robin Gareusprototype online self-automating LV2 plugin interface
2016-02-23 Robin Gareusfix LV2Plugin::requires_fixed_sized_buffers()
2016-02-23 Robin GareusImplement Lua DSP processor/plugin
2016-01-24 Robin Gareusdeactivate plugin if connect_and_run returns an error
2016-01-22 Paul Davisfirst compiling, mostly working version of group contro...