Store subtitle language(s) in Film, and allow setup of those
[dcpomatic.git] / src / lib /
2020-11-20 Carl HetheringtonStore subtitle language(s) in Film, and allow setup...
2020-11-20 Carl HetheringtonAlways add FFOC and LFOC markers (#1805).
2020-11-02 Carl HetheringtonPass around JPEG2000 data as a shared_ptr and hence...
2020-11-02 Carl HetheringtonReplace dcp::Data with dcp::ArrayData
2020-10-21 Carl HetheringtonmacOS / new boost build fixes. v2.15.104
2020-09-23 Carl HetheringtonAdd audio language configuration and pass it to libdcp.
2020-08-25 Carl HetheringtonMove the code to find Liberation into
2020-07-15 Carl HetheringtonFix warning.
2020-07-11 Carl HetheringtonUse new channel 14 ATMOS sync creation code in libdcp,
2020-06-19 Carl HetheringtonMake Atmos content work more like other content. Now... v2.15.82
2020-06-16 Carl HetheringtonAllow more complete control over the libdcp/DCP-o-matic...
2020-04-18 Carl HetheringtonAdd _last_written to Writer, containing the last writte...
2019-11-06 Carl HetheringtonRemove duplicate log introduced by previos.
2019-11-06 Carl HetheringtonMore logging when finding assets to put in reels.
2019-10-31 Carl HetheringtonMake separate reels for parts of the timeline with...
2019-10-26 Carl HetheringtonAvoid unnecessary re-writes of video assets if they... v2.15.26
2019-10-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'v2.15.x' of ssh:// v2.15.25
2019-10-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'v2.15.x' of ssh://localhost:2222/home...
2019-10-21 Carl HetheringtonCopy with progress updates when we might copy long...
2019-10-08 Carl HetheringtonFix cross-thread access to info files. May help with...
2019-09-29 Carl HetheringtonImprove OpenFileError so that it doesn't say "opening... v2.15.20
2019-06-27 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect timing of PNG subtitles in second and...
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonPut Time types in dcpomatic namespace.
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonUpdate for libdcp API changes.
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonBasics of marker writing (part of #782).
2019-03-29 Carl HetheringtonSet CCAP language tag correctly.
2019-01-27 Carl HetheringtonRemove specification of italic/bold fonts (#1451);... v2.13.110
2019-01-06 Carl HetheringtonDon't write <Language> tags to SMPTE subs unless we...
2018-12-23 Carl HetheringtonBe a bit more careful with fwrite.
2018-12-19 Carl HetheringtonBe more careful with fread in various places. v2.13.88
2018-11-21 Carl HetheringtonTidy and fix logging.
2018-08-29 Carl HetheringtonWrite annotation text and language to CCAP nodes correctly.
2018-08-29 Carl HetheringtonBasics of splitting CCAP streams into different assets.
2018-08-28 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-08-23 Carl HetheringtonRename some caption -> text.
2018-08-22 Carl HetheringtonWhite space.
2018-08-03 Carl HetheringtonSome subtitle renaming.
2018-07-23 Carl HetheringtonTidy up after mass rename.
2018-07-23 Carl HetheringtonMore automated renaming.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonUntested writing of CCAP.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonWhite space.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonClean up after previous commit.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonReword again: Text -> Caption and Plain -> Text.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonGet types into ReelWriter.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonFinish PlayerSubtitles -> PlayerText and SubtitleString...
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonMore renaming.
2018-07-08 Carl HetheringtonWrite image subs to DCPs.
2018-07-07 Carl HetheringtonFix build with shared_ptr dcp::Subtitle and subclasses.
2018-04-02 Carl HetheringtonRemove rather wordy debug for #953, not seen for a...
2018-03-06 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-03-06 Carl HetheringtonAdapt for changes to libdcp API.
2018-02-01 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-01-31 Carl HetheringtonFix duration/intrinsic duration confusion.
2017-12-29 Carl HetheringtonI don't think the audio parameter here should ever...
2017-12-29 Carl HetheringtonPreviously the code did not account for referenced...
2017-12-10 Carl HetheringtonGive a better error.
2017-09-01 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-09-01 Carl HetheringtonFix corruption of an existing DCP when a new one is...
2017-08-29 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect reel lengths in some cases; account for...
2017-07-27 Carl HetheringtonSmall tidy-up to member variable.
2017-06-07 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect reel numbers in subtitle XML/MXF.
2017-06-01 Carl HetheringtonImprove an error message.
2017-05-30 Carl HetheringtonFix build.
2017-05-30 Carl HetheringtonAdd a debug log for an assertion failure.
2017-05-19 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2017-05-19 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect asserts.
2017-05-17 Carl HetheringtonAssert that reel assets are all the same length.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonFix pull timing; fix units of ReelWriter::total_written...
2016-11-09 Carl HetheringtonAdd some debug logging.
2016-10-31 Carl HetheringtonUse the same ContextID whenever encrypting the picture...
2016-09-20 Carl HetheringtonAdd some debugging.
2016-09-20 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-09-20 Carl HetheringtonFix crash on windows.
2016-09-19 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-09-19 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix build.
2016-09-19 Carl HetheringtonAdd some debugging logs for #953.
2016-09-09 Carl HetheringtonChange previous to use WTF for SMPTE DCP audio.
2016-09-08 Carl HetheringtonWrite a 7.1 channel assignment into SMPTE DCP audio...
2016-08-25 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-08-25 Carl HetheringtonMake burnt-in subtitle outline width configurable ...
2016-08-24 Carl HetheringtonBasic template support (#485).
2016-08-21 Carl HetheringtonEven better open-file error reports.
2016-08-18 Carl HetheringtonBetter errors on open fails; remove unused exception.
2016-08-17 Carl HetheringtonSmall libdcp API change.
2016-08-15 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2016-08-13 Carl HetheringtonEnable encryption of SMPTE subtitle assets.
2016-08-04 Carl HetheringtonDifferent configuration of filename format for assets...
2016-07-31 Carl HetheringtonAllow configuration of MXF/XML filenames (part of ...
2016-07-29 Carl HetheringtonAdd reel index/count to DCP filename format.
2016-07-27 Carl HetheringtonDo parallel digest calculation when there are multiple...
2016-06-21 Carl HetheringtonRevert "Use make_shared<>."
2016-06-21 Carl HetheringtonUse make_shared<>.
2016-06-13 Carl HetheringtonRename MD5Digester -> Digester.
2016-06-02 Carl HetheringtonSpeed up referencing of existing DCPs.
2016-05-25 Carl HetheringtonNo-op; fix GPL address and use the explicit-program...
2016-05-11 Carl HetheringtonRevert "Temporary hack to double-check existing frame...
2016-05-09 Carl HetheringtonTemporary hack to double-check existing frame hashes.
2016-05-09 Carl HetheringtonFactor out checking of a single picture frame's hash.
2016-05-09 Carl HetheringtonAdd some debugging to checking of existing picture...
2015-12-06 Carl HetheringtonDon't go into an infinite loop when recovering from...