Set 'i' earlier in name_values.
[dcpomatic.git] / src / tools /
2020-05-06 Carl HetheringtonSet 'i' earlier in name_values.
2020-05-06 Carl HetheringtonWrite 'f', 'b' and 'e' tags into all KDMWithMetadata...
2020-05-06 Carl HetheringtonRename some variables and re-implement collect().
2020-05-06 Carl HetheringtonMove some functions to kdm_with_metadata
2020-05-06 Carl HetheringtonRemove Screen pointer from KDMWithMetadata, preferring to
2020-05-06 Carl HetheringtonAdd KDMWithMetadataPtr typedef
2020-05-06 Carl HetheringtonRename ScreenKDM -> KDMWithMetadata
2019-06-09 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: support validity periods in ecinema KDMs.
2019-05-13 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: basics of ECinema support in KDM creator.
2019-05-13 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: allow ScreenKDM subclasses for different KDM...
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonPut Font and Screen into dcpomatic namespace.
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonDisable DKDM remove/export buttons as appropriate.
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonAdd export button for DKDMs (part of #1510).
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonNag about deletion of DKDMs.
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonFix warning.
2019-03-10 Carl HetheringtonBetter error when trying to load a much-too-large file...
2018-12-23 Carl HetheringtonSame fix again for KDM.
2018-12-08 Carl HetheringtonSupport buttons.
2018-12-08 Carl HetheringtonBasics of in-place i18n with support for wxStaticText...
2018-11-21 Carl HetheringtonTidy and fix logging.
2018-11-09 Carl HetheringtonAllow specification of trusted devices by thumbprint... v2.13.68
2018-07-06 Carl HetheringtonAdd advanced KDM options button containing switches...
2018-02-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-02-27 Carl HetheringtonAdd a load of explicit keywords.
2018-02-14 Carl HetheringtonBuild fixes.
2018-01-12 Carl HetheringtonSeparate readable error from technical detail in some...
2018-01-06 Carl HetheringtonFix crash when dragging and dropping the only DKDM.
2018-01-06 Carl HetheringtonCheck that we can decrypt a DKDM when it is loaded...
2018-01-05 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-01-05 Carl HetheringtonMake player/KDM creator and main DCP-o-matic all behave...
2017-08-14 Carl HetheringtonRename ConfigDialog -> FullConfigDialog.
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonKeep model up to date when reordering KDMs.
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonTry to respect ordering when dragging and dropping.
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonSupport basic drag-and-drop of DKDMs.
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonDon't crash when failing to parse a KDM.
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonBasic implementation of a tree view for DKDMs (#1012).
2017-03-07 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2017-03-03 Carl HetheringtonMove common KDM creation / email code into KDMOutputPanel.
2016-12-16 Carl HetheringtonConfirm overwrite of KDMs (#1008).
2016-12-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-12-16 Carl HetheringtonIncrease maximum allowable KDM file size.
2016-11-19 Carl HetheringtonNo-op; rename a whole load of wx constants to their...
2016-10-20 Carl HetheringtonGive a better error if the user tries to load a non...
2016-07-29 Carl HetheringtonSimplification of name format stuff.
2016-07-29 Carl HetheringtonBasics of custom DCP filename components.
2016-07-29 Carl HetheringtonRearrange KDM creator window.
2016-07-29 Carl HetheringtonAllow configuration of KDM filename format.
2016-06-21 Carl HetheringtonRevert "Use make_shared<>."
2016-06-21 Carl HetheringtonUse make_shared<>.
2016-05-25 Carl HetheringtonNo-op; fix GPL address and use the explicit-program...
2016-04-24 Carl HetheringtonKDM AnnotationText tags are optional.
2016-04-22 Carl HetheringtonExpand window contents to fill the whole window.
2016-04-21 Carl HetheringtonMore capitalisation fixes.
2016-04-11 Carl HetheringtonAdd UTC-3:30 timezone to cinema (#831).
2016-03-13 Carl HetheringtonIgnore empty KDM email addresses (#818).
2016-03-08 Carl HetheringtonFix merge.
2016-03-08 Carl HetheringtonTake notice of cinema time zones when making KDMs ...
2016-01-06 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2015-12-23 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix build.
2015-12-23 Carl HetheringtonAdd a stored list of DKDMs to the creator rather than...
2015-11-15 Carl HetheringtonBasic support for trusted device lists in KDMs (#750).
2015-11-15 Carl HetheringtonRename certificate -> recipient in Screen.
2015-11-05 Carl HetheringtonAdd console to dcpomatic_kdm on Windows. Tweak layout...
2015-11-04 Carl HetheringtonShrink height of KDM creator a bit.
2015-10-11 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2015-10-11 Carl HetheringtonAdd debug option to log SMTP session transcripts.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonMore OS X tweaks.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonOS X build fix.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonTweak naming of KDM emails and attachments.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonVarious JobView fixes.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonBasics of job view when sending KDM emails from dcpomat...
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonRemove old JobManagerView.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonConnect dcpomatic_kdm to backend.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonShell of KDM GUI tool.
2015-10-09 Carl HetheringtonRename dcpomatic_kdm -> dcpomatic_kdm_cli.
2015-09-14 Carl HetheringtonLots of #include <iostream>s for Arch.
2015-08-10 Carl HetheringtonSet up for the correct handling of UTF-8 with Windows
2015-07-30 Carl HetheringtonChanges to libdcp.
2015-06-21 Carl HetheringtonNo-op: remove all trailing whitespace.
2015-01-11 Carl HetheringtonComment.
2014-12-15 Carl HetheringtonHand-apply 155b4b9f615f42b5cc26e2953860aba34b17bbc0...
2014-10-25 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-22 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into 12bit
2014-10-15 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-08 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-02 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-30 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-29 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-22 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-12 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-11 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-08 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-07 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.