Add Job::seconds_since_last_progress_update().
[dcpomatic.git] / src / tools /
2021-11-11 Carl HetheringtonRemove player activity logging. Fixes #2122.
2021-11-04 Carl HetheringtonFix typo in dcpomatic_kdm_cli help.
2021-10-25 Carl HetheringtonFix missing verification messages.
2021-10-18 Carl HetheringtonUpdated es_ES translation from Manuel AC.
2021-10-17 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-10-03 Carl HetheringtonDifferentiate requested and actual crop.
2021-09-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'better-gl' into v2.15.x
2021-09-27 Carl HetheringtonReplace aligned bool with enum Alignment.
2021-09-27 Carl HetheringtonVarious alignment adjustments.
2021-09-27 Carl HetheringtonWhen the player is used in OpenGL mode, pass unscaled...
2021-09-27 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-09-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'own-config' into v2.15.x
2021-09-27 Carl HetheringtonAdd config location versioning (#2090).
2021-09-21 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect display of Unicode literal on Windows.
2021-09-21 Carl HetheringtonMove 'show in file manager' code to cross_*
2021-09-12 Carl HetheringtonSupport building of cli-only .deb packages (#2066).
2021-09-02 Carl HetheringtonUpdated zh_CN translation from Kahn Li. v2.15.159
2021-08-24 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2021-08-20 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-08-20 Carl HetheringtonUpdated de_DE translation from Uwe Dittes.
2021-08-17 Carl HetheringtonAdd comments for shortcuts and extract them for the...
2021-08-16 Carl HetheringtonOnly warn about lots of frame drops in the player ...
2021-08-12 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-08-12 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-06-30 Carl HetheringtonFix race.
2021-06-30 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-06-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdate task bar icon when GUI theme changes (#1986).
2021-06-28 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-06-25 Carl HetheringtonMake white/black versions of server icon.
2021-06-12 Carl HetheringtonOffer all KDM types no matter what standard is in use.
2021-06-06 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonCleanup: use bitmap_path().
2021-06-04 Carl HetheringtonGive an error if a non-DCP folder is selected for DCP...
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonAllow annotation text to be set when combining DCPs.
2021-05-28 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdated sv_SE translation from Adam Klotblixt.
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonAdd some useful command-line options to dcpomatic2_disk.
2021-05-27 Carl HetheringtonFix missing verification note. v2.15.152
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonInsert a delay to make sure the QUIT message arrives...
2021-05-23 Carl HetheringtonDon't react so strongly to failure to bind the play...
2021-05-22 Carl HetheringtonFix sensitivity of "Make KDM(s)" button (#2007). v2.15.151
2021-05-22 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-05-10 Carl HetheringtonOpen a dialogue if pinging the back-end fails on macOS. v2.15.146
2021-05-09 Carl HetheringtonAttempt ping from front- to back-end several times... v2.15.145
2021-05-09 Carl HetheringtonAdd more logging to disk writer.
2021-05-08 Carl HetheringtonAdd some more logging to disk_writer. v2.15.144
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonUpdated cs_CZ translation from Tomáš Begeni.
2021-05-06 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-05-03 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-04-22 Carl HetheringtonClose down the FilmViewer before its GUI elements get...
2021-04-22 Carl HetheringtonDo the polkit dance for unmounting drives as well as...
2021-04-22 Carl HetheringtonWait a while for unmounts to go through in case we...
2021-04-22 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-04-21 Carl HetheringtonRe-scan drives just before writing the DCP (#1969).
2021-04-21 Carl HetheringtonFix response of the disk writer when polkit authorizati...
2021-04-10 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-04-08 Carl HetheringtonAssorted C++11/formatting cleanups.
2021-04-07 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2021-04-07 Carl HetheringtonAssorted C++11/formatting cleanups.
2021-04-06 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge. v2.15.139
2021-04-06 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2021-04-04 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-04-04 Carl HetheringtonFix confusing error on trying to load a DoM project...
2021-04-03 Carl HetheringtonMore disk build fixes.
2021-04-03 Carl HetheringtonFix disk build.
2021-04-03 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-03-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2021-03-23 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-03-22 Mattias MattssonMore polish of Swedish translation
2021-03-21 Mattias MattssonUpdated sv_SE translations v2
2021-03-20 Carl HetheringtonAdd select-all.
2021-03-13 Carl HetheringtonSome C++11 stuff.
2021-03-12 Carl HetheringtonUse /dev/rdisk on macOS.
2021-02-23 Carl HetheringtonRemove wxSTAY_ON_TOP from splash screen on Windows...
2021-02-17 Carl HetheringtonAssorted C++11 tidying.
2021-02-17 Carl HetheringtonFix some wx3.1 assertions and some C++ tidying.
2021-02-16 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-02-15 Carl HetheringtonCoalesce player changes around KDM loading.
2021-02-09 Carl HetheringtonCoalesce player changes around CPL change. v2.15.127
2021-02-07 Carl HetheringtonReport boost::filesystem_error with more details.
2021-02-04 Carl HetheringtonFix no subtitles/captions in the player after changing...
2021-02-04 Carl HetheringtonSome C++11 stuff.
2021-01-31 Carl HetheringtonUse enum class for Film::Property.
2021-01-31 Carl HetheringtonMore enum class additions.
2021-01-21 Carl HetheringtonAdapt for libdcp use of enum class.
2021-01-20 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for better verification, and make API adjus...
2021-01-09 Carl HetheringtonMore c++ tidying.
2021-01-07 Carl HetheringtonBOOST_FOREACH.
2021-01-07 Carl Hetheringtonstd::shared_ptr
2020-12-23 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2020-12-10 Carl HetheringtonFix lots of macOS warnings by using a different boost...
2020-12-03 Carl HetheringtonMove a load of disk writing code to src/lib/
2020-11-29 Carl HetheringtonBetter progress reporting during DCP validation (#1812). v2.15.108
2020-11-24 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2020-11-23 Carl HetheringtonRemove swaroop variant.
2020-11-21 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2020-11-21 Carl HetheringtonRemove the "simple" UI (#1868).
2020-11-18 Carl HetheringtonMake the default disk writer window wider.
2020-11-02 Carl HetheringtonReplace dcp::Data with dcp::ArrayData