Fix typo if -> of (thanks to Uwe Dittes)
[dcpomatic.git] / src /
2021-08-20 Carl HetheringtonFix typo if -> of (thanks to Uwe Dittes)
2021-08-20 Carl HetheringtonUpdated de_DE translation from Uwe Dittes.
2021-08-17 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2021-08-17 Carl HetheringtonAdd comments for shortcuts and extract them for the...
2021-08-17 Carl HetheringtonAdd defaults for facility, studio, chain, distributor...
2021-08-17 Carl HetheringtonRename update -> setup_sensitivity().
2021-08-16 Carl HetheringtonOnly warn about lots of frame drops in the player ...
2021-08-15 Carl HetheringtonGive markers dialog a close button (#2070).
2021-08-13 Carl HetheringtonMissing override qualifiers.
2021-08-12 Carl HetheringtonSome missing override statements.
2021-08-12 Carl HetheringtonFix flickering black square when selecting content...
2021-08-12 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-08-12 Carl HetheringtonRename ProRes export format to MOV / ProRes (#2067).
2021-08-12 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-08-11 Carl HetheringtonAdd missing verification description.
2021-08-11 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-08-11 Carl HetheringtonWhite space.
2021-08-11 Carl HetheringtonAdd comment.
2021-08-11 Carl HetheringtonDon't write empty <Text> nodes in subtitles/closed...
2021-08-10 Carl HetheringtonMissing full stop.
2021-08-04 Carl HetheringtonAllow specifying and writing sign language video langua... v2.15.157
2021-08-03 Carl HetheringtonFix build with newer FFmpeg.
2021-08-02 Carl HetheringtonSome const-correctness.
2021-08-01 Carl HetheringtonDo all text -> HTML conversion for subtitles in the...
2021-07-24 Carl HetheringtonAdd a comment.
2021-07-15 Carl HetheringtonFix build with older boost.
2021-07-15 Carl HetheringtonFix use-own-dirpicker build. v2.15.156
2021-07-15 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-07-14 Carl HetheringtonFix compile warning.
2021-07-13 Carl HetheringtonAdd label for sign language track.
2021-07-08 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-07-08 Carl HetheringtonFix strange layout problems with the content sub panels...
2021-07-07 Carl HetheringtonTake account of changes to default directory for new...
2021-07-07 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-07-05 Carl HetheringtonTidy a little and use some std::vector instead of raw...
2021-07-05 Carl HetheringtonFix alignment.
2021-07-05 Carl HetheringtonUse dcp::file_to_string().
2021-07-05 Carl HetheringtonUse unique_ptr.
2021-07-05 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-07-03 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-07-03 Carl HetheringtonUse std::vector rather than a raw array.
2021-07-03 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-07-02 Carl HetheringtonDon't abort the update checker thread when one curl_eas...
2021-06-30 Carl HetheringtonFix race.
2021-06-30 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-06-30 Carl HetheringtonRemove unused variable.
2021-06-29 Carl HetheringtonUpdate dialog layout fixes.
2021-06-29 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-06-29 Carl HetheringtonFix confusing black padding in GUI dark mode (#2053).
2021-06-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdate task bar icon when GUI theme changes (#1986).
2021-06-28 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-06-25 Carl HetheringtonExtract gui_is_dark() to wx_util.
2021-06-25 Carl HetheringtonMake white/black versions of server icon.
2021-06-24 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect timestamps when exporting as reels (... v2.15.155
2021-06-24 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect issuer/creator in CPL files.
2021-06-23 Carl HetheringtonImprove some error messages.
2021-06-23 Carl HetheringtonAdd some more DecodeError constructors.
2021-06-21 Carl HetheringtonC++11 cleanup.
2021-06-21 Carl HetheringtonRemember the path used for "add files" (#2049).
2021-06-21 Carl HetheringtonUse std::vector for add_files.
2021-06-13 Carl HetheringtonIgnore incoming data when suspended.
2021-06-13 Carl HetheringtonComment fixes.
2021-06-12 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2021-06-12 Carl HetheringtonOffer all KDM types no matter what standard is in use.
2021-06-06 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonUse "Colour" not "Colour conversion" as a label name. osx-alignment
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonFix link icons on macOS.
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonmacOS alignment fix (#2039).
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonAdd DCPOMATIC_CHOICE_TOP_PAD.
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonmacOS alignment fixes (#2045).
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonFix alignment of labels on macOS (#2043).
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonFix alignment of mail protocol control (#2042).
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonUse bitmap_path() and wxBITMAP_TYPE_PNG (not _RESOURCE...
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonCleanup: use bitmap_path().
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonImprove alignment of audio language controls (#2040).
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonAdd DCPOMATIC_CHECKBOX_BOTTOM_PAD.
2021-06-06 Carl HetheringtonShrink width of timecode entries on macOS (#2041).
2021-06-04 Carl HetheringtonGive an error if a non-DCP folder is selected for DCP...
2021-06-04 Carl HetheringtonFix errors when seeking FFmpeg for some formats.
2021-06-04 Carl HetheringtonIgnore HMAC discrepencies when reading DCPs.
2021-06-03 Carl HetheringtonIgnore errors from avcodec_receive_frame when flushing...
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonAdd hint when no audio language is set (#2033).
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonTidying.
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonAdd comment.
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonPut audio language back in the Film.
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonTweak behaviour of crop link buttons (#2034).
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonAllow any ratio to appear in the ISDCF name as an inter...
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonUpdate ISDCF name when crop changes the ratio of the...
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonFix crash when enabling luminance in SMPTE metadata.
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonMissing full stop.
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonSign things that come out of the combiner (#2028).
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonAllow annotation text to be set when combining DCPs.
2021-05-28 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonMark some strings that should not be translated; thanks...
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdated sv_SE translation from Adam Klotblixt.
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonAdd some useful command-line options to dcpomatic2_disk.
2021-05-27 Carl HetheringtonFix missing verification note. v2.15.152
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonInsert a delay to make sure the QUIT message arrives...
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonTidy up Nanomsg more correctly.
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonRemove privilege escalation via seteuid() etc. on Linux.