Various playlist editor developments and fixes.
[dcpomatic.git] / test /
2019-11-30 Carl HetheringtonFix crash when exporting a 2D project containing 3D...
2019-07-22 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: support creation of H264 with 24-bit PCM.
2019-07-15 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: beginnings of DCP -> ecinema support. v2.15.12
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonPut Time types in dcpomatic namespace.
2019-01-07 Carl HetheringtonAdd test for exporting a project referencing an OV.
2018-11-21 Carl HetheringtonTake Film pointer out of Content.
2018-09-10 Carl HetheringtonBasics of export of multiple reels to multiple files.
2018-09-08 Carl HetheringtonSplit parts of FFmpegEncoder into FFmpegFileEncoder.
2018-09-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd basic quality option for x264 export.
2018-07-23 Carl HetheringtonTidy up after mass rename.
2018-07-23 Carl HetheringtonMore automated renaming.
2018-07-21 Carl HetheringtonBasics of multiple captions per content so that DCPCont...
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonClean up after previous commit.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonReword again: Text -> Caption and Plain -> Text.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonPlainText -> PlainTextFile.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonMore renaming.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonMore renaming; text -> plain.
2018-07-19 Carl HetheringtonRename Subtitle -> Text
2018-03-01 Carl HetheringtonAdd some write_metadata() calls; use ImageContent for...
2018-03-01 Carl HetheringtonRemove some debug code.
2018-03-01 Carl HetheringtonTidy up and add a couple more tests.
2018-03-01 Carl HetheringtonTweak naming and add more tests.
2018-02-13 Carl HetheringtonAdd some tolerance when checking audio references.
2018-01-13 Carl HetheringtonUse an enum for the effect in SubtitleContent.
2018-01-03 Carl HetheringtonFix alpha blending with with offset; should help with...
2018-01-03 Carl HetheringtonWrite some test metadata for debugging.
2018-01-03 Carl HetheringtonSome more, simpler, subtitle export tests.
2018-01-02 Carl HetheringtonExpand FFmpeg encoder subs tests.
2017-12-29 Carl HetheringtonAdd a test for #1129.
2017-10-17 Carl HetheringtonRemove unused variable.
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonFix failing test due to header differences.
2017-06-07 Carl HetheringtonAdd a test for export mixdown.
2017-06-07 Carl HetheringtonBasic and untested export option to bounce down to...
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonAdd another test.
2017-05-10 Carl HetheringtonBasic audio support.
2017-05-10 Carl HetheringtonFix name of test.
2017-05-10 Carl HetheringtonRename some classes.