Add failing test for one short-reel possibility.
[dcpomatic.git] / test /
2020-03-11 Carl HetheringtonAdd failing test for one short-reel possibility.
2020-02-18 Carl HetheringtonWrite logs during tests to a file.
2019-11-04 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect images when cropping without stretch.
2019-10-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'v2.15.x' of ssh:// v2.15.25
2019-10-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'v2.15.x' of ssh://localhost:2222/home...
2019-10-21 Carl HetheringtonCopy with progress updates when we might copy long...
2019-10-20 Carl HetheringtonRename dcpomatic_sleep -> dcpomatic_sleep_seconds.
2018-10-12 Carl HetheringtonUse ImageMagick for test stuff.
2018-10-11 Carl HetheringtonChange MagickImageProxy to FFmpegImageProxy and make...
2018-08-21 Carl HetheringtonWork around warning.
2018-07-09 Carl HetheringtonDon't write multiple <LoadFont> tags to Interop subtitl...
2018-02-28 Carl HetheringtonFix thinko in last commit.
2018-02-28 Carl HetheringtonCheck J2K image XYZ-pixel by XYZ-pixel.
2018-02-28 Carl HetheringtonTweak error threshold for an image comparison involving...
2018-02-27 Carl HetheringtonTry again to make private_data path canonical.
2018-02-27 Carl HetheringtonRemove relative path elements from test location.
2018-02-13 Carl HetheringtonAdd some tolerance when checking audio references.
2018-02-13 Carl HetheringtonRecover test config after runs.
2018-02-03 Carl HetheringtonTry relaxing image check slightly.
2017-12-31 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix build on OS X.
2017-12-31 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix Windows build.
2017-12-30 Carl HetheringtonTry comparing images using RMS error metric.
2017-12-30 Carl HetheringtonFix call to Image::compare; it returns false if images...
2017-10-31 Carl HetheringtonRemove unused method.
2017-10-18 Carl HetheringtonTry using ffcmp instead of md5 checking for FFmpeg...
2017-10-17 Carl HetheringtonRemove unused variable.
2017-10-17 Carl HetheringtonTry using ffmpeg md5 filter to compare files.
2017-09-03 Carl HetheringtonGet private data location from the environment if it...
2017-09-02 Carl HetheringtonMore end-to-end sound tests.
2017-09-01 Carl HetheringtonFix up remake_with_subtitle_test.
2017-08-26 Carl HetheringtonAdd new_test_film2; disable auto audio analysis during...
2017-07-28 Carl HetheringtonFix failing test due to header differences.
2017-07-18 Carl HetheringtonCHECK -> REQUIRE.
2017-05-31 Carl HetheringtonAllow repeat-frame to work with 3D.
2017-05-30 Carl HetheringtonCheck content_test1 output.
2017-05-30 Carl HetheringtonRename test method.
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonMore tests; fix blend for YUV420P10LE.
2017-05-24 Carl HetheringtonImplement alpha_blend for YUV420P and YUV420P10. Impro...
2017-04-27 Carl HetheringtonDistinguish master DoM encode threads count from the...
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonSlightly better test report.
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonDefault to SMPTE for tests.
2016-08-24 Carl HetheringtonBasic template support (#485).
2016-08-12 Carl HetheringtonRemove all use of stringstream in an attempt to fix
2016-07-22 Carl HetheringtonRename SafeStringStream -> locked_stringstream. Bump...
2016-07-20 Carl HetheringtonDo EncodeServerFinder 'disable' in a more sensible...
2016-07-08 Carl HetheringtonFix failure to analyse audio in some cases.
2016-06-21 Carl HetheringtonRevert "Use make_shared<>."
2016-06-21 Carl HetheringtonUse make_shared<>.
2016-05-25 Carl HetheringtonNo-op; fix GPL address and use the explicit-program...
2016-05-18 Carl HetheringtonBetter information when check_audio_file fails.
2015-12-11 Carl HetheringtonRename Server -> EncodeServer, ServerFinder -> EncodeSe...
2015-11-03 Carl HetheringtonAttempt to fix test idle hacks.
2015-10-19 Carl HetheringtonCalm logging during tests.
2015-09-14 Carl HetheringtonMore <iostream> includes for Arch.
2015-09-14 Carl HetheringtonQuieten tests a bit.
2015-08-26 Carl HetheringtonStop ui_idle() being called loads and loads of times...
2015-08-26 Carl HetheringtonInclude tidying src/lib/a-j*.h
2015-07-14 Carl HetheringtonMore informative failures.
2015-06-21 Carl HetheringtonNo-op: remove all trailing whitespace.
2015-06-19 Carl HetheringtonNo-op; variable renaming.
2015-06-10 Carl HetheringtonIgnore differing SMPTE subtitle issue dates when compar...
2015-06-09 Carl HetheringtonFix warnings.
2015-06-08 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2015-06-08 Carl HetheringtonAdapt for changes to libdcp API.
2015-06-04 Carl HetheringtonAdd some debugging for the weird 'you must add some...
2015-06-03 Carl HetheringtonPotentially nicer version of previous.
2015-06-03 Carl HetheringtonAttempt to fix random test failures due to examine...
2015-05-27 Carl HetheringtonUse BOOST_REQUIRE to stop a hail of errors.
2015-05-25 Carl HetheringtonTest fixes.
2015-05-20 Carl HetheringtonSpeculative alteration to server port for tests.
2015-05-20 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of into 2.0
2015-05-17 Carl Hetherington22b13e0d021313d3b0bc6a65abf535878f45d278 from master...
2015-05-13 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of into 2.0
2015-05-13 Carl HetheringtonRename UISignaller -> SignalManager.
2015-05-08 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix previous.
2015-05-08 Carl HetheringtonFix excessive errors in tests when one job fails.
2015-04-30 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of ssh://
2015-04-30 Carl HetheringtonFix check_xml that ignored attributes.
2015-02-08 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of ssh://
2015-02-08 Carl HetheringtonFix memory leak in test.
2015-01-08 Carl HetheringtonFix build.
2014-10-26 Carl HetheringtonAnother missing Magick hack.
2014-10-25 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-22 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-15 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-08 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-10-02 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-30 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-29 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-22 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-12 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-11 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of ssh://
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-10 Carl HetheringtonMake tests robust to config changes of J2K bandwidth.
2014-09-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2.0
2014-09-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.