Remove unused variable.
[dcpomatic.git] / wscript
2022-04-30 Carl HetheringtonRemove unused variable.
2022-04-28 Carl HetheringtonAdd image_as_jpeg()
2022-04-22 Carl Hetheringtonclang does not have -Wsuggest-override
2022-04-21 Carl HetheringtonRevert "Adjust handling of -Wsuggest-override"
2022-04-21 Carl HetheringtonAdjust handling of -Wsuggest-override
2022-04-09 Carl HetheringtonWarn about missing override labels.
2022-03-25 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for fix to remove erroneous <EntryPoint...
2022-03-20 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for fix to subtitle formatting (#2205).
2022-03-09 Carl HetheringtonImprove ratings dialog to allow only valid values ...
2022-03-08 Carl HetheringtonFix home_directory() with non-US-English pathnames...
2022-02-25 Carl HetheringtonFix typo in wscript. v2.16.4
2022-02-25 Carl HetheringtonAvoid build errors from glibmm's use of dynamic excepti...
2022-02-25 Carl HetheringtonAdd -x32/-x64 suffix to boost libraries when building...
2022-02-20 Carl HetheringtonTry to avoid some bad filenaming in rare cases.
2021-11-13 Carl HetheringtonRemove setuid root and use setcap instead in RPM packages.
2021-11-12 Carl HetheringtonOnly look for tags which start with v
2021-11-09 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for fix to closed caption line length verif...
2021-11-04 Carl HetheringtonInclude subscribers / supporters in git.
2021-10-24 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp to 1.8.4 for caption ordering fix (#2106).
2021-10-17 Carl HetheringtonBasic and slightly inaccurate support for <Space> in... v2.15.170
2021-10-09 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp to 1.8.2 for fix when adding KDMs to VFs.
2021-10-07 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp (with corresponding libsub bump) for small...
2021-10-03 Carl HetheringtonRequire libsub v1.6.0.
2021-10-03 Carl HetheringtonRequire libdcp v1.8.0 to fix SMPTE sub XML namespaces...
2021-09-21 Carl HetheringtonOnly define UNICODE in src/lib/{cross_windows,util...
2021-08-03 Carl HetheringtonFix build with newer FFmpeg.
2021-05-11 Carl HetheringtonFix disk_writer perms in .deb files (#1994).
2021-04-08 Carl HetheringtonRemove some old Centos 5 support.
2021-03-19 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect install prefix setup.
2021-03-18 Carl HetheringtonMerge pull request #10 from matmat/v2.15.x
2021-03-18 Carl HetheringtonRequire boost 1.61.0 or above on Windows/macOS.
2021-03-18 Carl HetheringtonUse --destdir instead of --install-prefix in wscript.
2021-01-23 Carl HetheringtonRevert "Experimental define to stop windows.h defining...
2021-01-21 Carl HetheringtonExperimental define to stop windows.h defining a consta...
2021-01-21 Carl HetheringtonFix c++11 stuff from d24251b2e0d82236f93ee5415b72849dee...
2021-01-20 Carl HetheringtonRemove perhaps-we'll-use-c++11 stuff.
2021-01-08 Carl HetheringtonNew libcxml API.
2021-01-04 Carl HetheringtonSupport for arm64 macOS builds.
2021-01-04 Carl HetheringtonHide macOS OpenGL deprecation.
2021-01-04 Carl HetheringtonWhen building against macOS SDK 11.0 we need an explici...
2020-11-23 Carl HetheringtonRemove swaroop variant.
2020-09-27 Carl HetheringtonRevert some of the Linux stuff from a few commits ago.
2020-09-27 Carl HetheringtonAdapt for new libdcp (fixing large compiler resource...
2020-09-14 Carl HetheringtonAdd xsd_path() and use it to fix access to .xsd files...
2020-07-29 Carl Hetheringtonclang doesn't have -Wmaybe-uninitialized v2.15.92
2020-07-28 Carl HetheringtonGive up trying to be selective with -Wno-maybe-uninitia...
2020-07-28 Carl HetheringtonPython syntax typo.
2020-07-28 Carl HetheringtonExpand use of -Wno-maybe-uninitialized.
2020-07-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'warnings' into v2.15.x.
2020-07-27 Carl HetheringtonWork around a GCC bug related to Wmaybe-initialized.
2020-07-27 Carl HetheringtonFix some unused variable warnings on macOS.
2020-07-27 Carl HetheringtonTest: remove some more Wno flags.
2020-07-26 Carl HetheringtonVarious OSX warnings fixes.
2020-07-26 Carl HetheringtonTry to remove some more default -Wno switches.
2020-07-26 Carl HetheringtonI think -Wno-cast-function-type is GCC 8 only.
2020-07-26 Carl HetheringtonRationalise compiler warning setup.
2020-07-15 Carl HetheringtonRemove ko_KR translation stub that was never used.
2020-05-21 Carl HetheringtonWe must only link gtk2 if wx is also using it.
2020-04-25 Carl HetheringtonFix previous on Windows/macOS. v2.15.60
2020-04-25 Carl HetheringtonAdd link with anl to fix Centos 8 build. v2.15.59
2020-04-19 Carl HetheringtonAdd LEQ(m) when analysing audio (#1382). v2.15.52
2020-04-06 Carl HetheringtonAdd DCPOMATIC_DISK define and don't build stuff needing... v2.15.49
2020-04-06 Carl HetheringtonAdd disk writer tool.
2020-03-15 Carl HetheringtonMove stress testing code into a separate class and...
2020-01-08 Carl HetheringtonMerge a set of changes which run the OpenGL video updat... v2.15.40
2020-01-08 Carl HetheringtonBasic stress-test function for player.
2020-01-08 Carl HetheringtonBarely-functioning GL playback with new arrangement.
2019-12-12 Carl HetheringtonUse the new libdcp xerces stuff and install the require...
2019-12-03 Carl Hetheringtonasdcplib now suffixed with -carl not -cth.
2019-11-17 Carl HetheringtonMore adventures in GCC warning flags. v2.15.35
2019-11-17 Carl HetheringtonDon't use -Wno-deprecated-copy on older GCC. v2.15.34
2019-11-17 Carl HetheringtonQuell some warnings.
2019-11-04 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'v2.15.x' of ssh:// v2.15.29
2019-11-04 Carl HetheringtonHack for python 3 compatibility (Fedora 31).
2019-11-03 Carl HetheringtonDon't bother limiting supporters by until date.
2019-10-14 Carl HetheringtonMissed indent.
2019-10-14 Carl HetheringtonAdd option to use lld.
2019-10-14 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'v2.15.x' of ssh://localhost:2222/home...
2019-10-14 Carl HetheringtonRemove python 2 style print now that we are importing...
2019-10-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'v2.15.x' of ssh://
2019-10-09 Carl HetheringtonAllow debug builds with no internet connection. Also...
2019-07-22 Carl HetheringtonRemove -Wcast-align on OS X.
2019-07-05 Carl HetheringtonAdd some more help for --variant.
2019-06-27 Carl HetheringtonFix exception in wscript.
2019-06-27 Carl HetheringtonBetter error when failing to download supporters lists.
2019-06-09 Carl HetheringtonTypo.
2019-06-09 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: try to make -theater and -studio variants.
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonTry to reduce timeout when downloading supporters lists.
2019-04-30 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp/libsub versions in wscript. v2.14.0
2019-04-24 Carl HetheringtonToken commit to bump version since changes to the Windo... v2.13.151
2019-03-29 Carl HetheringtonAdd episode/promo content types.
2019-03-29 Carl HetheringtonFix typo in wscript. v2.13.141
2019-03-29 Carl HetheringtonFix build warnings about -Wno-maybe-uninitialized on...
2019-03-27 Carl HetheringtonDisable maybe-uninitialized warnings to shut gcc up...
2019-03-12 Carl HetheringtonBump to some release versions.
2019-02-13 Carl HetheringtonFix warning name typo.
2019-02-12 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-02-12 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix some warnings.
2018-12-24 Carl Hetheringtonswaroop: fix setuid on dcpomatic2_uuid. v2.13.91
2018-12-23 Carl HetheringtonTry to fix setuid call.