2021-06-02 Carl HetheringtonFix relinking in make_dmg.sh v2.15.153
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for fix to #2029.
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonAdd hint when no audio language is set (#2033).
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonTidying.
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonAdd comment.
2021-06-01 Carl HetheringtonPut audio language back in the Film.
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonTweak behaviour of crop link buttons (#2034).
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonAllow any ratio to appear in the ISDCF name as an inter...
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonUpdate ISDCF name when crop changes the ratio of the...
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonFix crash when enabling luminance in SMPTE metadata.
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonAdd short discussion about specifying languages.
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonMissing full stop.
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonSign things that come out of the combiner (#2028).
2021-05-30 Carl HetheringtonAllow annotation text to be set when combining DCPs.
2021-05-28 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonMark some strings that should not be translated; thanks...
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonUpdated sv_SE translation from Adam Klotblixt.
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonAdd some useful command-line options to dcpomatic2_disk.
2021-05-28 Carl HetheringtonBump lwext for fix for making larger partitions (#2021).
2021-05-27 Carl HetheringtonFix missing verification note. v2.15.152
2021-05-27 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for fix to decryption of SMPTE subtitles.
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonInsert a delay to make sure the QUIT message arrives...
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonTidy up Nanomsg more correctly.
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonTidy can_build_disk checks to be more robust.
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonFix potential very rare test failure.
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonRemove privilege escalation via seteuid() etc. on Linux.
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonUse setcap for privileges on RPM-based distros (#2001).
2021-05-26 Carl HetheringtonUse setcap for privileges on Debian 10 and Ubuntu ...
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonMove video level conversion for RGB from FFmpegImagePro...
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonAdd video_to_full_range implementation for RGB48LE.
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonClamp results correctly when shifting video levels...
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonMake a test check more informative.
2021-05-25 Carl Hetheringtonconst-correctness tweak.
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonUse decoder_factory() and a lambda to clean things...
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonForward-declare the right class.
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonRequire lib64canberra-gtk0 on Mageia.
2021-05-25 Carl HetheringtonBuild disk writer on Mageia.
2021-05-23 Carl HetheringtonDon't react so strongly to failure to bind the play...
2021-05-22 Carl HetheringtonFix sensitivity of "Make KDM(s)" button (#2007). v2.15.151
2021-05-22 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-05-21 Carl HetheringtonFix invalid memory access introduced in 6f832724ef942f1... v2.15.150
2021-05-21 Carl HetheringtonFix thinko in 4ce4b8d3429a97eb4df63460c7e73863f44a621e
2021-05-21 Carl HetheringtonFix path to test libraries on macOS.
2021-05-20 Carl HetheringtonTweak crop icon for GTK2 builds (#1997).
2021-05-20 Carl HetheringtonCheck that wxSystemSettings::GetAppearance() exists.
2021-05-20 Carl HetheringtonRestore support for building thin or universal binaries...
2021-05-20 Carl HetheringtonSpecify correct number of channels for LEQ(m) analyses...
2021-05-20 Carl HetheringtonBump leqm-nrt for a possible fix for #2006.
2021-05-19 Carl HetheringtonDon't assert on a non-existant codec (#1999).
2021-05-13 Carl HetheringtonMissing macOS dmg ID.
2021-05-12 Carl HetheringtonDon't fail to build without disk_writer. v2.15.149
2021-05-11 Carl HetheringtonAdd a full stop. v2.15.148
2021-05-11 Carl HetheringtonFix disk writer permissions in RPM packages (#1994).
2021-05-11 Carl HetheringtonFix disk_writer perms in .deb files (#1994).
2021-05-11 Carl HetheringtonDon't apply the Windows long path fix twice. v2.15.147
2021-05-11 Carl HetheringtonRevert incorrect 'fixing' of path on Windows (#1992).
2021-05-10 Carl HetheringtonOpen a dialogue if pinging the back-end fails on macOS. v2.15.146
2021-05-10 Carl HetheringtonFix name of macOS in the .dmg README.
2021-05-09 Carl HetheringtonAttempt ping from front- to back-end several times... v2.15.145
2021-05-09 Carl HetheringtonFix wrapping of try-unmount dialogue on macOS (#1989).
2021-05-09 Carl HetheringtonAdd more logging to disk writer.
2021-05-09 Carl HetheringtonRemove erroneous call to optional_node_child().
2021-05-09 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-05-08 Carl HetheringtonAdd some more logging to disk_writer. v2.15.144
2021-05-08 Carl HetheringtonFix missing _writer binary in disk image.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonBuild disk writer for Ubuntu 21.04.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonUpdated nl_NL translation from Rob van Nieuwkerk.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonMore manual tweaks.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonManual updates.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonFix alignment of label.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonAdd DCPOMATIC_SPIN_CTRL_WIDTH and use it in a few places.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonHide some more FFmpeg warnings. v2.15.143
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonMissing #include.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonHide some warnings from ffmpeg on Centos 7.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonRe-fix previous. v2.15.142
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for centos 7 build fix.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonFix appimage build.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonUpdated cs_CZ translation from Tomáš Begeni.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonFix build with some older compilers.
2021-05-07 Carl HetheringtonMissing override statements. v2.15.141
2021-05-06 Carl Hetheringtonpot/merge.
2021-05-03 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd pixel format 0 (AV_PIX_FMT_YUV420P) to make_part_bl...
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonTest output tweaks.
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd export test DCP -> h264 to trigger #1984.
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd pixel format 66 (AV_PIX_FMT_YUV422P10LE) to make_pa...
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd export test DCP -> prores to trigger #1984.
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd new line to pixfmts.c
2021-05-02 Carl HetheringtonAdd Groet Han as a tester.
2021-05-01 Carl HetheringtonBuild with FFmpeg 4.4 and switch to the new send/receiv...
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonPort filter graphs to new FFmpeg API.
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonUpgrade to FFmpeg 4.4.
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonSwitch encoding to ffmpeg send/receive API.
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonSwitch decoding to ffmpeg send/receive API.
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonRemove some FFmpeg-related warnings by directly accessi...
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonTidy up some error handling a little.
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonRemove some FFmpeg-related warnings by using AVStream...
2021-04-30 Carl HetheringtonC++11 tidying.