description2.0 development branch of dcpomatic
ownerCarl Hetherington
last changeSat, 28 Nov 2020 00:04:33 +0000 (01:04 +0100)
2020-11-28 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp for verification fix. master v2.14.46
2020-11-24 Carl HetheringtonFix corrupted image when over-cropping black filler... v2.14.45
2020-11-24 Carl HetheringtonFix the behaviour of FileGroup when seeking too far.
2020-11-19 Carl HetheringtonHack to fix image luminance when cropping subsampled... v2.14.44
2020-11-19 Carl HetheringtonFix some GTK3 vertical alignment error messages in...
2020-11-17 Carl HetheringtonTest build fixes. crop-fix-v2.14.x v2.14.43
2020-11-17 Carl HetheringtonTweak vertical spacing with GTK3.
2020-11-17 Carl HetheringtonFix cropping of subsampled images.
2020-11-16 Carl HetheringtonAdd some lrintf() calls to be sure.
2020-11-16 Carl HetheringtonUse 64-byte alignment for aligned image memory.
2020-11-11 Carl HetheringtonRemove assertion checking that rotations are a multiple... v2.14.42
2020-10-28 Carl HetheringtonPrevent import of directories as DCPs if they do not...
2020-10-26 Carl HetheringtonCatch more errors when non-CPLs are loaded as CPLs. ubuntu-20.10 v2.14.41
2020-10-26 Carl HetheringtonGTK3 tweaks for the playback controls.
2020-10-26 Carl HetheringtonUse wxDC for all drawing of the audio mapping view...
2020-10-26 Carl HetheringtonGTK3 KDM window fixes backported from v2.15.x.
6 days ago v2.15.133
12 days ago v2.15.132
13 days ago v2.15.131
2 weeks ago v2.15.130
3 weeks ago v2.15.129
3 weeks ago v2.15.128
3 weeks ago v2.15.127
4 weeks ago v2.15.126
4 weeks ago v2.15.125
4 weeks ago v2.15.124
7 weeks ago v2.15.123
7 weeks ago v2.15.122
7 weeks ago v2.15.121
8 weeks ago v2.15.120
2 months ago v2.15.119
2 months ago v2.15.118
8 hours ago disk-opt
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6 days ago v2.15.x
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4 weeks ago static-tests
5 weeks ago minimum-bitrate
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