description2.0 development branch of dcpomatic
ownerCarl Hetherington
last changeThu, 30 Jun 2022 22:02:52 +0000 (00:02 +0200)
41 hours ago Carl HetheringtonAdvanced option to allow mapping to any audio channel... main
41 hours ago Carl HetheringtonSupport Fedora libpath when running tests.
41 hours ago Carl HetheringtonFind Liberation Sans with local builds on Fedora.
2 days ago Carl HetheringtonUse the resampled rate to calculate the slack threshold...
6 days ago Carl HetheringtonSupporters update.
6 days ago Carl HetheringtonSupport Fedora.
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonRe-fix test references. Not sure what happened there. v2.16.15
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonBump lwext4 for various bug fixes.
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonUse empty files where possible to speed things up a...
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonAdjust disk/partition sizes to trigger another bug.
10 days ago Carl Hetherington0 -> nullptr cleanup.
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonDo cleanup of a test more nicely.
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonStop using static initialisation so that dcpomatic...
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonCleanup: use constexpr.
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonFill test disk partitions with random noise to expose...
10 days ago Carl HetheringtonUse boost::random for make_random_file to make it repea...
10 days ago v2.16.15
2 weeks ago v2.16.14
5 weeks ago v2.16.13
5 weeks ago v2.16.12
7 weeks ago v2.16.11
2 months ago merged-to-main Merged up to here back to main
2 months ago v2.16.10
2 months ago v2.16.9
3 months ago v2.16.8
3 months ago v2.16.7
3 months ago v2.16.6
3 months ago v2.16.5
4 months ago v2.16.4
4 months ago v2.16.3
4 months ago v2.16.2
4 months ago v2.16.1
18 hours ago 491-system-fonts
41 hours ago main
5 days ago 2267-macfuse-weirdness
10 days ago batch-font-id-error
11 days ago 2274-bad-disk-no-biscuit
2 weeks ago windows-dpi
3 weeks ago 2261-black-subtitles
3 weeks ago 2264-system-font-files-take3
3 weeks ago 2259-preserve-export-settings
4 weeks ago 2264-system-font-files-take2
4 weeks ago 2264-system-font-files
5 weeks ago nvidia
5 weeks ago 2257-encrypted-butler
6 weeks ago 2253-3d-empty
6 weeks ago 1182-allow-interop-vf
7 weeks ago 1359-z-position