description2.0 development branch of dcpomatic
ownerCarl Hetherington
last changeFri, 22 May 2020 10:55:44 +0000 (12:55 +0200)
9 days ago Carl HetheringtonFix some tab/space problems in cscript. master
2020-05-14 Carl HetheringtonFollow-up fix for GTK2 and GTK3 WX backends. v2.14.33
2020-05-14 Carl HetheringtonHopefully we can use GTK's file chooser button again...
2020-05-14 Carl HetheringtonTry to allow build on Ubuntu 20.04.
2020-05-14 Carl HetheringtonChristie FTP contains certificate chains, not just...
2020-05-14 Carl HetheringtonDon't say 'certificate downloaded' if it failed during...
2020-03-14 Carl HetheringtonTidy some grammar and remove a silly colloquialism.
2020-03-11 Carl HetheringtonGive a better error when opening a DCP with File -... v2.14.32
2020-03-10 Carl HetheringtonBump libdcp to hopefully prevent segfaults in Certifica...
2020-03-06 Carl HetheringtonFix missed subclass of Job in the tests.
2020-03-06 Carl Hetheringtons/destroy_thread/stop_thread/
2020-03-06 Carl HetheringtonDestroy Job threads at the start of the subclass destru...
2020-03-01 Carl HetheringtonMissing patron.
2020-02-29 Carl HetheringtonAllow changing colour conversion settings for multiple... v2.14.31
2020-02-29 Carl HetheringtonFix incorrect results when applying some timing operati...
2020-02-27 Carl HetheringtonMake content list and buttons taller on low-res displays. attic/800x600-buttons
13 days ago v2.15.75
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31 hours ago butler-for-dcp-encode
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4 days ago linux-pkg-summary-fixes
6 days ago cucumber
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9 days ago j2k-passthru-information
10 days ago no-use-video-fixes
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