Don't display all possible channel checkboxes while the analysis
[dcpomatic.git] / src / wx / audio_dialog.h
2020-07-29 Carl HetheringtonDon't display all possible channel checkboxes while... v2.15.94
2020-07-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'warnings' into v2.15.x.
2020-07-27 Carl HetheringtonHide warnings triggered by Ubuntu 20.04's gcc.
2020-05-17 Carl HetheringtonClicking on the audio graph jumps to that position...
2020-04-19 Carl HetheringtonAdd LEQ(m) when analysing audio (#1382). v2.15.52
2020-04-14 Carl HetheringtonFix Empty/Player behaviour when using a playlist that...
2019-05-10 Carl HetheringtonPut Time types in dcpomatic namespace.
2019-01-08 Carl HetheringtonRe-analyse audio when DCP channel count changes (#1189).
2018-08-19 Carl HetheringtonReplace May/Done/NotDone signal sets with one signal...
2018-03-26 Carl HetheringtonAdd real-time mouse cursor readout in audio analysis...
2017-04-19 Carl HetheringtonVarious Doxygen fixes.
2016-05-25 Carl HetheringtonNo-op; fix GPL address and use the explicit-program...
2016-05-18 Carl HetheringtonFix rebase onto master.
2016-05-18 Carl HetheringtonSplit audio; builds.
2016-04-22 Carl HetheringtonSelect active channels on opening audio analysis (...
2015-11-18 Carl HetheringtonBasic (untested) ebur128 (#368).
2015-10-14 Carl HetheringtonOnly show existing DCP channels in the audio dialog...
2015-09-14 Carl HetheringtonPeak value of audio into the audio tab.
2015-07-01 Carl HetheringtonRestore short-cutting of analysis gain updates.
2015-07-01 Carl HetheringtonRe-add show audio button and analyse just that content...
2015-06-20 Carl HetheringtonFix some warnings.
2015-06-19 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2015-06-19 Carl HetheringtonFix audio analysis after recent breakage.
2015-06-17 Carl HetheringtonAudioDialog does not need explicit playlist.
2015-06-03 Carl HetheringtonMake show audio work on the whole DCP, not individual...
2015-05-20 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '2.0' of into 2.0
2015-05-09 Carl Hetherington7fd73c0cf1f723896826c77fec3720c5c404d4e8 from master...
2014-05-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2014-05-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2013-12-02 Carl HetheringtonFix crash on double-click of show-audio button.
2013-09-17 Carl HetheringtonMerge 1.0 in.
2013-07-26 Carl HetheringtonRemove old Connect() wxWidgets API and use Bind().
2013-07-25 Carl HetheringtonPrevent infinite loop of audio analysis if it is cancelled.
2013-07-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-06-20 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch '1.0' of ssh://houllier/home/carl/git...
2013-06-20 Carl HetheringtonVarious fixes to make audio analysis sort-of work.
2013-06-15 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-06-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2013-06-02 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-05-25 Carl HetheringtonMerge master and multifarious hackery.
2013-05-21 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-05-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-05-04 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-28 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-26 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into 1.0
2013-04-26 Carl HetheringtonMerge master; fix crash on new film.
2013-04-21 Carl HetheringtonUntested merge of master.
2013-04-17 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into content-rework-take5
2013-04-17 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into content-rework-take5
2013-04-16 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-15 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-10 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-09 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-07 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-07 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-04-06 Carl HetheringtonVarious work on audio channel mapping.
2013-04-01 Carl HetheringtonVarious bits.
2013-03-31 Carl HetheringtonRuns.
2013-03-12 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' of /home/carl/git/dvdomatic
2013-03-08 Carl HetheringtonStop infinite loop if audio analysis fails.
2013-03-01 Carl HetheringtonMerge.
2013-03-01 Carl HetheringtonMerge master.
2013-02-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into plot-audio
2013-02-27 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into plot-audio
2013-02-26 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into plot-audio
2013-02-26 Carl HetheringtonPretty dumb smoothing.
2013-02-25 Carl HetheringtonMultiple simultaneous plots.
2013-02-25 Carl HetheringtonTidy up creation of analysis a bit.
2013-02-25 Carl HetheringtonMerge branch 'master' into plot-audio
2013-02-25 Carl HetheringtonRespond to gain in the audio dialog.
2013-02-25 Carl HetheringtonSome tidying up, add channel selector to Audio dialog.
2013-02-24 Carl HetheringtonBasic UI.