2016-08-10 Robin Gareusfix crash when copy'ing latent plugins 5.0
2016-08-10 Paul Davisremove debug output
2016-08-10 Robin Gareusremove debug output
2016-08-10 Robin Gareusdon't bundle no-inst scripts
2016-08-10 Robin Gareusprefix no-inst script with an underscore and skip install
2016-08-10 Robin Gareusprefix blessed scripted DSP plugins with a-*
2016-08-09 Robin Gareusmerge source-defaults into system-config file
2016-08-09 Robin Gareusclean up plugin ttls - always add semicolon for compati...
2016-08-09 nick_mFix test compilation error.
2016-08-09 nick_mBBTTest::addTest() should add a meter rather than repla...
2016-08-09 nick_mMake tempo tests use the api more correctly.
2016-08-09 nick_mAllow -ve framepos handling in TempoMap::framepos_plus_...
2016-08-09 Paul Davisadd plural forms for pt to gtk2_ardour/po/pt.po 5.0-rc2
2016-08-09 Paul Davis(updated) pt(_BR) update for gtk2_ardour from Marcelo...
2016-08-09 Paul DavisRevert "pt(_BR) update for gtk2_ardour from Marcelo...
2016-08-09 Paul Davisupdated russian translation from Alexandre Prokoudine
2016-08-08 Paul Davisfix definition of PrimaryModifier for Keyboard for...
2016-08-08 Paul Davisfix display of modifiers on OS X in the bindings editor
2016-08-08 Paul Davisfix thinko that causes near duplicate menu items in...
2016-08-08 Paul Davisfix bug when appdata.pot file cannot be regenerated
2016-08-08 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... GenericUI: better popup placement for automation mode
2016-08-08 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Move anchored menu placement strategy to Gtkmm2ext...
2016-08-08 Paul Davisfix race condition when dropping Ports
2016-08-08 Paul Davisadd explanatory comment
2016-08-07 Robin Gareusfix typo
2016-08-07 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Make ArdourDisplay a subclass of ArdourDropdown
2016-08-07 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove the space for checks/radios/icons in dropdowns
2016-08-07 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Make Dropdown menus at least as wide as the button
2016-08-07 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Improve placement of Dropdown popups.
2016-08-07 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Use a C++ bool constant
2016-08-07 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Improve ArdourDropdown menu position
2016-08-07 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove a no longer true comment
2016-08-06 Robin Gareusadd a script to multi-split regions
2016-08-06 Robin Gareusa few more Location related lua bindings
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Use a default configuration instead of bailing out
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove dsp_has_midi_*() in favor of dsp_ioconfig()
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Refuse more configs with unmatched midi in if !imprecise
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Take midi into account for penalty computation
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove ad-hoc handling of possible_out == 0
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Make the configuration penalty subtler about inputs
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove ad-hoc handling of possible_in == 0
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Change column width in macros
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Set \midi_out when selecting a configuration...
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Merge pass 2 (imprecise) into pass 1
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Move MIDI filters imprecise handling from 2nd pass...
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Rearrange condition for pure midi plugins
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Use FOUNDCFG* instead of setting the configuration...
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Enable overriding the configuration penalty
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Introduce a macro for imprecise configurations
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Set \imprecise midi channel count in FOUNDCFG
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Set \imprecise when a configuration is chosen
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Merge some cases to avoid duplicated logic
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove code with no actual effect
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Move a MIDI test in the table handling loop...
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Replace the exact_match logic by a negative penalty
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove wrong asserts
2016-08-06 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... LuaProc::can_support_io_configuration: don't mix int...
2016-08-06 Len OvensOSC: make sure this is c++98 compatible.
2016-08-06 Edgar Aichingerupdate german translation
2016-08-06 Robin GareusC++98 compat for 032139ac3
2016-08-06 Robin Gareusmark session dirty when changing plugin presets
2016-08-06 Len Ovensosc: provide human readable reading for gain.
2016-08-06 Len OvensOSC: provide human readable level for sends.
2016-08-05 Maurizio BertiImprove midnam for Waldorf Blofeld
2016-08-05 Robin Gareusadd a "Pin Management" button to the plugin UI-header
2016-08-04 Nils Philippsenworkaround changes in glibmm 2.49.x
2016-08-03 Robin Gareusadd support for VST default values (instantiation time...
2016-08-03 Robin Gareusadd a wrapper to launch the vst-scanner manually
2016-08-02 Robin Gareusif we can't determine the gcc4/5 prefer the new gcc5 ABI
2016-08-02 Robin Gareusinclude XT* plugins with Ardour bundles and x42 on...
2016-08-02 Damien Zammitptformat: Decrypt ptf files exported from ptx sessions
2016-08-01 Paul Davismake Session::get_remote_nth_stripable() ignore hidden...
2016-08-01 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Be more tolerant to missing values or errors in io_config()
2016-08-01 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove redundant condition
2016-08-01 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Remove duplicate setters that don't affect the outcome
2016-08-01 David RobillardFix state features array
2016-08-01 David RobillardSupport thread-safe LV2 state restoration
2016-08-01 David RobillardSupport LV2 log trace messages
2016-08-01 David RobillardFix possible ringbuffer overflow
2016-07-31 David RobillardAdd some controls for the Waldorf Blofeld
2016-07-31 David RobillardFix validation of midnam files
2016-07-31 cooltehnoUpdate clear-gray-ardour.colors
2016-07-31 nick_mUse S_ macro when comparing modifier names in User...
2016-07-31 cooltehnoUpdate clear-gray-ardour.colors
2016-07-30 pablusUpdate Spanish translation
2016-07-29 Robin Gareusyet another multi-ABI bundle installer fix
2016-07-29 Robin Gareusand now with proper bash syntax
2016-07-29 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Update French translation
2016-07-29 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... Make monitor detection reuse the port name translation
2016-07-29 Robin Gareusprepare installer for multiabi bundles
2016-07-29 Robin Gareusmake makeself compression options optional.
2016-07-29 Robin GareusDon't compress linux bundle, compress installer (with xz)
2016-07-29 YQ-YSY2016-07-29 Update zh.po for Ardoru 5.0
2016-07-29 Len OvensOSC: make send enables work in MB
2016-07-29 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... GenericUI: Update all input controls on preset load
2016-07-28 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... GenericUI: Show automation UI for dropdowns
2016-07-28 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... GenericUI: disable super rapid timer for input controls
2016-07-28 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... GenericUI: replace if() by assert()
2016-07-28 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... GenericUI: remove duplicate connection to signal
2016-07-28 Julien "_FrnchFrgg_... GenericUI: replace early return by an else